USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

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Our Contributors

Those who contributed time, money, equipment, or dignity to the cause (in no particular order).

  •   » Bob Meyers (KA7UMR)
  •   » Steve Boerner (KC7CYP)
  •   » Pete Lillie (W7JY)
  •   » Jeff Meyers (KA6ZMU)
  •   » Sid Saul (KE7ZZP)
  •   » Sean Meyers (KE6LMF)

About the USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club

The USS Turner Joy Amateur Radio Club was officially formed July 15, 2010.  The true genesis of the club came about during the Museum Ship Weekend of June 4, 5, and 6 when Robert Meyers (KA7UMR), Jeff Meyers (KA6ZMU), Sean Meyers (KE6LMF), Steve Boerer (KC7CYP), Pete Lillie (W7JY), and Rick Bailor (W7UN) participated with 11 contacts to count for the competition, including one with an original antenna.  The plan moved forward, and NS7DD was eventually born.


The Club serves to provide the unique experience of operating Amateur Radio from a ship of such historic prestige.  This in turn raises awareness of the museum and provides a venue for people to come and help the goals of the museum.


USS Turner Joy Museum


  • » 80 Meters: 3.960 MHz
  • » 40 Meters: 7.260 MHz
  • » 20 Meters: 14.260 MHz
  • » 15 Meters: 21.360 MHz
  • » 10 Meters: 28.360 MHz



Bremerton, WA, USA